Tuesday, June 24, 2008


OK people....Republican Primary today. Make sure you go vote if you are eligible. This election will determine your choices in the general election on the Republican ticket. Make sure you look into the candidates before voting. Some may not have the same beliefs and views on how things should be run even though they are in the same party.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

People never cease to amaze me

Another story yesterday about a mom who left her infant in the car. http://www.ksl.com/?nid=148&sid=3560950 Basically, she left her 5-month old in the car at 2:30 pm when she went to visit a friend. She forgot the child was in the car. THe child is still in critical condition at the hospital.

What is wrong with people? I have never forgotten one of our kids in the car - hot, cold or otherwise. I know how many kids I have. I know how many are in the car. Not that hard for me to do the math. I am thinking she was busy talking to someone on the cell phone as she arrived at the friend's house. Besides....it is a 5-month old baby!!!!!!!! How hard would it be to shortly remember that you have a 5-month old baby that you haven't seen in a little while. Heck, when I don't see or hear L for 5 minutes I start looking for him....and that is when I am home. Just wake up and pay attention.

I don't mean to offend anyone, because this may have happened to you....but to the best of my knowledge none of the people I know have ever left a child in a hot car long enough to warrant a hospital trip. Some people just need to pay attention to something other than themselves.

Law enforcement doesn't know if there will be a criminal investigation?!?!?!?!?!?! With the great wisdom of the Utah Legislature, if this was a dog or a cat the lady would be facing felony charges now that they passed the new law. How on earth did our priorities get so screwed up where more importance is placed on an animal than a baby human? How about we get our priorities back in line people?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Airline rant....

OK, I know we have all been keeping up with the airline changes. I just have to rant a bit about my frustrations with airlines.

As many of you know, in May we went to Baton Rouge. We were originally scheduled to fly on Frontier. Well, a few months before the flight we found out through the Baton Rouge newspaper that Frontier was cancelling their service to Baton Rouge. I called Frontier and the reservation people (not even the supervisors) knew anything about it, and even after I emailed them the article they continued to not believe it. Shortly before we were set to leave they still had not called us back to get us to Baton Rouge. I called and we spent literally hours on the phone before they finally figured it out and got us re-booked on Continental.

Well, we got to the airport 2 hours early to have plenty of time to get the kids ready and get some food choked down. We went to the counter and the computer (self check in) indicated that I needed to see the desk worker. She says "Can I see your tickets please?" I said, "Ummmmmmm, what tickets?" She says "The computer says you were issued paper tickets." I say "You can still get paper tickets?" Long story short, Frontier never sent the e-ticket numbers over to Continental. It took them an hour and a half to get it right, and as a result we were rushed to the plane and it seems like from that point on it was one big hurry.

Now to this week.....We are set for a cruise in September out of Miami. We are flying from SLC to Newark to Fort Lauderdale. We get home from a camping trip and I see a story on the news. Continental is canceling their non-stop service from SLC to Newark beginning in September. Can you possibly guess who we were set to fly on to get there?

This experience was much nicer though. I called and within 15 minutes we were changed to being routed through Houston. This has not been a good year for air travel for us.

Now the airlines are increasing fares, charging for 2nd bags, some are wanting to charge for the 1st bag now, some are talking about charging for the little kid tea size drinks you get, and there has even been some talk about charging passengers based on weight. Here's an idea.....why don't you cut the salaries of everyone in the company? That will save you more money than bilking the passengers for everything. Once you have no passengers you will have no income whatsoever. Honestly, do you think that the airlines are going to just give up the extra fees if the fuel prices drop? Nope - these increases are here to stay.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Interesting Quote....

"Control the oil and you'll control the nations; control the food and you'll control the people." - Henry Kissinger (1970)

Makes you think about the current situation just a bit more.