Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Another huge worry about an Obama Presidency

Check out this is pretty scary what the Courts will become should The One win the Presidential election.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Thomas Jefferson is rolling in his grave

Well, the all knowing government that we have has decided that it would be a good idea for them to take control and buy stakes into the banks. If you do a little research - too long for me to type - you will find Thomas Jefferson's opinion on this. He was a very vocal critic on a national or central bank system. He basically said that it was unconstitutional and basically a bad thing for the country. I guess Jefferson was just not as smart or knowledgeable about the US Constitution as the geniuses (or is it geniusi) of today. After all, Jefferson is basically responsible for drafting the Declaration of Independance, and was a member of the Continental Congress, and 3rd President of the United States. These are the same geniuses who got us into this mess in the first place. Why do we even listen to them, and why are they still in charge? I now honestly believe that the entire leadership of this country is INSANE!!!! After all, the definition of insane is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results. This country needs an enema.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

WOW - a look at the numbers

OK, so I decided to look into who is financing the 2 main presidential candidates. I found a website that lets you look at money given to all of the candidates by industry sector. This post is a bit long, but trust me, it is worth it. This is what I have found out.....

Barack Hussein "The Messiah" Obama has received $2,366,199 from commercial banks (more than McCain) and the Democrat candidates received 55% of all money given by commercial banks. Weren't these the same banks who created this whole financial snafu we are in now? Yep - I am sure the politicians are looking out for the good of the people, not the good of those who are lining their pockets.

Barack Hussein "The Messiah" Obama has received $4,970,535 from the computer/internet industry. This is a whopping $3.5 million (rounded) more than McCain has received. I am sure we can trust the internet media to have unbiased reporting on the candidates. Democrat candidates received 65% of all donations from this industry.

Barack Hussein "The Messiah" Obama has received $12,222,365 from EDUCATION!!!!!!! What?!?!?! You have got to be kidding me. ALl of the educators and education groups whining and crying about not having enough money and always needing more - and they are giving over $12,000,000 to one candidate?!?! And they then expect us common folk to really believe that they are not partial to one political viewpoint when they are teaching our children? This is big proof that the education system in today's America is nothing more than indoctrination centers. This is also a whopping $11 million more than McCain received. Democrat candidates received an overwhelming 83% of money donated by the education industry to the candidates.
*****Parents - please educate your children at home and correct all of the lies and filth taught in the schools.

Barack Hussein "The Messiah" Obama received $6,616,264 form the health care industry. Isn't this the "rich" in America? They are so rich that they can only give 1/2 of what educators give. This is also over $2,000,000 more than McCain received. Democrats received 57% of the money given by the health care industry.

The Health Service/HMO Industry gave $737,939 to The Messiah. This is double what they gave to McCain. Democrats received 67% of the donations from this industry.

Do you want more evidence that the bailout was for the legislators and not the people? The Hedge Fund and Private Equity Industry donated over $2,000,000 to The Messiah, bettering McCain by only $500,000. But Democrats received 57% of these donations. This is one of the industries getting the blame for the collapse of our economy that resulted in the Mother of All Bailouts (MOAB). Yep - these politicians were looking out for the welfare of the common folk - sure. Keep telling yourself that. These guys are dirty.

Obama has received $2,005,362 from the Hospital Industry, compared to $708,000 for McCain. Democrats took in 69% of these donations.

WOW - this number is HUGE!!!! Lawyers and law firms - you know, all of the rich and powerful in America.....they have donated an astronomical $27,689,330 to the "People's Candidate". Yep, that is not a typo - over $27,000,000. McCain has received just over $9,000,000 from this industry. The Democrat candidates....those that want to help the common people because they are so downtrodden (we have heard that before) received over 75% of all donated money from the legal industry.

Obama has also received more from the Pharmaceutical Industry $1.1 million to McCain's $527,000 - and the Democrats took in 59%.

The Securities and Investment Industry gave $10,847,652 to Obama compared to $7,634,378 to McCain.

I know this one will be a shocker to everyone.....TV/Movies/Radio - you know, Hollywood and the media - gave $5,724,815 to Obama, and gave a whopping $950,000 to McCain. Democrats rule this industry with 83%. Yep, fair and balanced coverage of all of the candidates.

Now, before you say - oh, this is just another attack on The Messiah by a right wing nut....well, yes it is. But to be fair, I will list the industries that favor McCain....

Insurance $ 2,000,000 to Osamabama's $1,500,000

Casinos $261,000 to Hussein's $142,000

Lobbyist $ 915,000 to $255,000 to Obama. Funny note, Hillary received what McCain now has. This surprises me considering McCain is the one who pushes campaign finance reform.

Oil & Gas no surprise here $ 2,000,000 to the commie socialists $504,000

Real Estate $ 7,600,000 for McCain, only $600,000 more than the All Knowing Savior Obama.

Retired $30,000,000 to $27,000,000 heck - he is a part of this age group.

Telephone $410,000 to $333,000.

TObacco $111,000 to $32,000 - I guess the tobacco industry doesn't like either candidate that much.

OK, so there you have it. This is where the industry money is going. THere are a few things that everyone should make note of. The financial industry (commercial banks, securities, hedge funds, etc) have pumped millions and millions of dollars into both major candidates this election cycle. This is the industry that the gooberment just bailed out due to bad business practices. Do you honestly believe that ANY politician will bite the hand that feeds him? Nothing at all will change and those in control will keep getting their pockets lined with cash to keep the "elite" in power financially. the heck can the education industry say that they are all for educating the children when they so overwhelmingly back one political party? DO you really think that they will teach both sides of an issue? I think not. This one really bothers me. More and more, states are making it harder to homeschool your children. Could it be that they do not want you teaching the truth as you see it? Why do we have to send kids to school to be educated by nothing more than the Democrat Party education machine? This is starting to smell more like indoctrination than education.

Third....Obamessiah has received over $10,000,000 from the health care field. He gets up and give his line about reforming the health care system in America. Whatever oh great one. How can he sit up there on his throne and honestly say to the American people that he is going to change the way health care is handled in our country when he is taking millions in handouts from that industry? DO you really believe that the industry will finance someone who is going to do away with their profits? If you think that anything is gonna change, stop drinking the kool-aid.

Fourth......the party preaching down their noses to us about legal reform because of lawsuits, etc has snuggled up to the teet. Obamessiah has taken almost $30,000,000 from the legal profession. WHo do you think is going to be pulling his strings?

And if this is a surprise to anyone not addicted to the Obamessiah Kool-aid.....we will never hear the truth about anything related to the Democrat party. With media overwhelmingly supporting that party, and Obamanation in particular, after he is elected (selected) we will not hear one bad thing the whole time. Our nation can be falling to pieces and they will report that everything is good. They will never report one negative thing about Barack Hussein Obama.

Please people....wake up. Take a look at what is behind the candidates. Research where they stand on issues. For the sake of all that is holy, do not vote for style over substance. Do not let fear of retaliation coerce you into voting for the next leader of our country. As you can probably tell, I do not support Obama in any way. I feel that should he be placed into office our country will begin to fail. We will have the second most liberal Senator in the White House, and we will have a very liberal House of Representatives and Senate. There will be a floodgate of laws passed that will begin to strip all of our most basic freedoms. There are already public servants establishing "Truth Squads" whose stated objective is to attack people who they feel mislead about Obama. How is this allowed in America? I have studied history...military history in particular. This is really starting to eerily look like 1930's Germany. You have a young, charismatic person campaigning to run this country. He is promising that he will make everythign better. He is blaming everything on a certain group of people (Republicans). He is preaching and promoting class envy/hatred. Children are singing songs devoted to this leader. Teens are marching and chanting in adoration of this person.

We need to wake up now before it is too late. John McCain may not be the ideal candidate for president, but the best thing for this country is to have different political parties in control of Congress nad the WHite House.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Monday, July 21, 2008

Messiah Watch 07/21/2008

Well, the Messiah Obama is in the middle east now. I am surprised the media - in all of their worship of him - has not declared that he has brought peace to the region, ended famine and pestilence, and has captured Osama Bin Laden. After all, he will single handedly solve all of America's problems. Obama is now stating that he would pull the troops out of Iraq, and move them to Afghanistan. I wonder how the anti-war supporters (a lot of his supporters) are taking to that. I guess to them if the Messiah says the troops should be there then they are good with it....because we know he wouldn't mislead his flock.

This is what I will predict: Messiah Obama will win the election in October (I have actually been saying this for some time). Once elected, there will never be anything bad happen in America. The media will continue to bow down and worship him and nothing negative will ever be said about him or any of his decisions.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Food shortage or not?

I am sure by now that we have all seen and heard many stories about food shortages around the world and the problems that go right along with it. The stories I have seen report of food related riots in Haiti, Camaroon, Ivory Coast and Egypt. While these countries seem far behind us in their place on the civilization timeline, where do you think they get their food from? We supply food to most of the world. It seems like not a day goes by that we announce more food and money to go to foreign countries. If they are running out of food our gooberment officials will vote to send more food and support to those areas because we all know that the image of helping matters more than results. If we continue to increase the amount of food sent to foreign countries, what happens to our food supplies here?

Another problem with the food supply is the amount of corn and grains that are going into the bio-fuel dream. According to a report from the UN Food Summit in Rome recently only 3% of the price increase in food is due to bio-fuel use. However, an internal report that was acquired by a London newspaper indicates that the number is closer to at least 75% of the increase in price is due to using the food crops to make bio-fuel. I don't know about you, but how about letting me eat my food and start pumping some freakin oil and building new refineries to supply my fuel.

Also, on another note - we made a trip to the local LDS Home Storage Center recently. The gentleman that was in charge there was telling us how they have closed 8 centers across the state recently. We were told that there is no shortage in the supply for the Church members, but the cost of fuel is making it difficult to justify shipping the food to all of the Storage Centers. All the food in the world cannot help at all if it can't get distributed.

Let's start petitioning our Congressmen to look after America first. I really don't care what happens to the African, Asian or South American countries (including Mexico) if we can't take care of America first.

Just a drop in the barrel (pun intended)

Well, according to the Associated Press, President Bush lifted the Presidential ban on drilling for oil offshore. This of course means nothing unless the idiots in Congress vote to lift their ban as well. Even if the ban is lifted across the board this will have a minimal impact on the price of gas going into our fuel tanks. It will take time to set up the logistics to drill, pump and transport the newly drilled oil from the source to the destination. This ban is also pure idiocy. From what I understand, American companies are prohibited from drilling for oil within 300 miles of the US coast. However, nothing they can do prevents other countries - China for example - from drilling within 300 miles of our coastline while still in international waters.

Where is the sense in this? Why are we letting other countries to drill offshore but prohibit American companies from doing the same? Is every member of Congress being funded by foreign entities do do what is not in America's best interest? When will the leadership of our country start to do what is in our best interest?

I think that the best thing to do at this point is vote every single member of congress out of office. Let's start fresh. Just like Robin Williams says...."Politicians are a lot like diapers – they should be changed frequently and for the same reason."

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Messiah Watch

Well, we all know how the Obama supporters are fainting and looking up to him like he is the Messiah, so I figure I would start keeping tabs of his flip flops and more idiotic ideas and statements. I will keep these titled as the "Messiah Watch" in honor of his worshippers.
Back during the primaries he basically ridiculed the rural Pennsylvania residents by indicating that they get bitter because they cling to guns or religion to explain away their frustrations. So sorry your highness for not being on the same high cloud as you and your elitist friends.
Now Obama is out there trumpeting the fact that he will expand George Bush's faith based initiatives and insists that the churches are in a better position to help those in need.
So, which Obama do we believe now? The one blasting into rural people "clinging to religion" or the Messiah Obama who says teh churches can do mor ethan the government?


Well, Texas passed a law a little while back that expanded the "castle doctrine" beyond just the use of deadly force to defend yourself. In Texas you can also use deadly force to defend your property. Joe Horn (not the football player) noticed that his neighbor's house was being burglarized. He called 911 and was waiting and waiting and waiting for the police to come stop the hoods. Finally he decided to take care of it himself. He grabbed his shotgun, went outside, went to his neighbor's house and shot both scumbags and killed them.

Well, the police arrested him on murder charges. The DA filed the grand jury indictment. The Grand Jury on Monday (07/01/2008) declined to file charges and found that Mr. Horn committed no crime with his actions. Turns out that both of the dead scumbags that the good citizens of Texas now will not have to pay to house them in the 5 star prisons were illegal aliens from Columbia...and one had an extensive criminal record.


Tuesday, June 24, 2008


OK people....Republican Primary today. Make sure you go vote if you are eligible. This election will determine your choices in the general election on the Republican ticket. Make sure you look into the candidates before voting. Some may not have the same beliefs and views on how things should be run even though they are in the same party.