Thursday, May 22, 2008

Gas Prices Out of Control

OK, I know everyone has heard and talked about the gas prices, but I just figured I would add my .02 worth. Why is it that we are told by the oil companies that gas prices are so high because the cost of oil is so high, yet they continue to make record profits? I am in no way supporting price controls, or government seizure of profits, or follow the example of Senor Chavez and nationalize the oil industry. However, something needs to be done or pretty soon it will be too expensive to go to work. But if you do not drive to work then you can't pay the other bills (housing, food, etc) and you will be in worse shape. I would gladly take the bus, but according to the UTA website it is 1 hour 5 minutes to travel the route from home to my office. This would add 2 hours to a 10 hour workday. I like to spend more time at home than that.

As for "alternative fuels", the current trend is a joke. There are vehicles out there now that get great gas mileage, but we can't get them. For example, Ford has 2 minivans that they sell in England that have diesel engines: Ford S-Max ( and the Ford Galaxy ( . The Ford site says that these two minivans with diesel engines (1.8L and 2.0L) and manual transmissions get between 43 and 46 mpg. Why does my Ford minivan only get 20-25? Why can I not puchase the diesel van in the USA? Is it really a question of "follow the money" and we will find an answer to that?

There are several other options that have been developed but are not in mass production for some reason. Just take a look at these offerings:,, They may not be pretty, but heck, for use as a commuter vehicle they would be perfect.

One way to drastically reduce the demand for gas (and to lower emissions for you global warming kool-aid drinkers) would be to get these higher mileage vehicles in mass production in the USA. Offer a program to get a much higher trade in value for current vehicles and you would have people trading in their current cars. Heck, in England, Ford has a 3.0L diesel version of the Ranger pick-up. I would gladly trade in my F250 (about 13mpg average) to get a diesel version of a Ranger.

Also, don't you just love how the prices of gas seem to peak right around the holidays? you see the highest gas prices around Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. These prices are not based on increased demand, but the perceived increase in demand....even if that demand doesn't happen.

OK, venting over now.

***Tin Foil Hat Moment***
Perhaps one reason gas is getting more and more expensive is so the population has to rely on government transportation more. To do this the rural family will either be restricted in mobility and extra cash to pay for other things (internet, telephone, etc) or they will have to re-locate to a city. Is this just some veiled tactitc for the gooberment (you like that one?) to gain more control over otherwise free willed individuals? Is this just one more step to a more socialist utopia?


Christy said...

I was wondering if you were ever going to do another post. I was here.

Aislinn said...

HA! You make me laugh - I know, that's why I married you! I love the disclaimer! Have a great day!

Carter Clan said...

WOW.. I got the tinglies! DOWN WITH THE GOOBERMENT!

Carter Clan said...

Your theories are deep Tim. I got the tinglies all over.. DOWN WITH GOOBERMENT!!!

msaonika said...

I just thought that I would tell you that I don't disagree... however, we are small and insignificant ;) - we should just buy a horse. I don't think that there are any laws about taking a horse to work, are there?!?!