Monday, July 21, 2008

Messiah Watch 07/21/2008

Well, the Messiah Obama is in the middle east now. I am surprised the media - in all of their worship of him - has not declared that he has brought peace to the region, ended famine and pestilence, and has captured Osama Bin Laden. After all, he will single handedly solve all of America's problems. Obama is now stating that he would pull the troops out of Iraq, and move them to Afghanistan. I wonder how the anti-war supporters (a lot of his supporters) are taking to that. I guess to them if the Messiah says the troops should be there then they are good with it....because we know he wouldn't mislead his flock.

This is what I will predict: Messiah Obama will win the election in October (I have actually been saying this for some time). Once elected, there will never be anything bad happen in America. The media will continue to bow down and worship him and nothing negative will ever be said about him or any of his decisions.


Carter Clan said...

LOL I love the picture.. where did that come from

Heidi Sue said...

I looked at this a while ago, but I must not have looked very close.But it's great.