Monday, July 14, 2008

Food shortage or not?

I am sure by now that we have all seen and heard many stories about food shortages around the world and the problems that go right along with it. The stories I have seen report of food related riots in Haiti, Camaroon, Ivory Coast and Egypt. While these countries seem far behind us in their place on the civilization timeline, where do you think they get their food from? We supply food to most of the world. It seems like not a day goes by that we announce more food and money to go to foreign countries. If they are running out of food our gooberment officials will vote to send more food and support to those areas because we all know that the image of helping matters more than results. If we continue to increase the amount of food sent to foreign countries, what happens to our food supplies here?

Another problem with the food supply is the amount of corn and grains that are going into the bio-fuel dream. According to a report from the UN Food Summit in Rome recently only 3% of the price increase in food is due to bio-fuel use. However, an internal report that was acquired by a London newspaper indicates that the number is closer to at least 75% of the increase in price is due to using the food crops to make bio-fuel. I don't know about you, but how about letting me eat my food and start pumping some freakin oil and building new refineries to supply my fuel.

Also, on another note - we made a trip to the local LDS Home Storage Center recently. The gentleman that was in charge there was telling us how they have closed 8 centers across the state recently. We were told that there is no shortage in the supply for the Church members, but the cost of fuel is making it difficult to justify shipping the food to all of the Storage Centers. All the food in the world cannot help at all if it can't get distributed.

Let's start petitioning our Congressmen to look after America first. I really don't care what happens to the African, Asian or South American countries (including Mexico) if we can't take care of America first.


Aislinn said...

It's a good thing we agree on this or our married life would be awkward!!

msaonika said...

I say AMEN to your comment here. I Have always felt strongly that our own country doesn't look after itself the way that it should. We are always giving handouts to other countries, and though I am not saying that they are not in need, I am saying that we are just enabling the problem. Perpetuating their state of dependence. What about the americans that are already here? What about us, who are in need, who have to work, have families, and can't even make things work with TWO incomes sometimes? So, Tim - you never said how we get in touch with our local congressman on this one... you should be sure to add that in so we can get started on our petition.

Carter Clan said...

LOL I love Ais's comment.. I totally agree!!! TIM FOR PRESIDENT!