Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Messiah Watch

Well, we all know how the Obama supporters are fainting and looking up to him like he is the Messiah, so I figure I would start keeping tabs of his flip flops and more idiotic ideas and statements. I will keep these titled as the "Messiah Watch" in honor of his worshippers.
Back during the primaries he basically ridiculed the rural Pennsylvania residents by indicating that they get bitter because they cling to guns or religion to explain away their frustrations. So sorry your highness for not being on the same high cloud as you and your elitist friends.
Now Obama is out there trumpeting the fact that he will expand George Bush's faith based initiatives and insists that the churches are in a better position to help those in need.
So, which Obama do we believe now? The one blasting into rural people "clinging to religion" or the Messiah Obama who says teh churches can do mor ethan the government?


Aislinn said...

Glad to know that one of us is informed!

msaonika said...

Hey - when are you going to comment about how he wants us all to learn spanish?!? HUH!?! I thought that this was Osama/Messiah Watch!

Anonymous said...

Can't trust this guy.